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Opening times
Varies by type of store.
Stores usually open 24 hours will now be closed between 10pm and 6am.
Stores with an online grocery operation will open from 8am.
In some larger stores the pharmacy will remain open after 10pm.
Check the Tesco Store Locator to find your nearest store.
Vulnerable person access
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 9am - 10am
NHS access
Tuesday and Thursdays: 9am - 10am
Sunday: 9am - 10am for browsing
Counter closures
Deli, salad, fish and meat counters will be closed.
Purchase restrictions
3 per customer on high-demand products such as pasta, toilet roll and hand sanitiser.
Maximum total order size of 80 items.
Multibuy promotions have been ended.
Deliveries now have a contact free option.
More information
More information is available on the Tesco website.

As always please remember to follow the social distancing guidelines set out by the Government when you are out and about.